Steam Sterilizer

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The VS and VS G2 Series of high-capacity steam sterilizers for centralized sterile reprocessing, characterized by versatility, safety, and state-of-the-art technology, represent the perfect solutions from the smallest facility to the largest central sterilization supply department, with a processing capacity of 4 STU up to 18 STU per cycle. The series’ devices combine high productivity with cost efficiency, improving CSSD running costs. Leading-edge technologies such as NCG & 4DIR Sensors, respectively the only sensor that can measure the Non-Condensable Gases (NCGs) and quantify them in every steam sterilization process and the only commercially available instrument that ensures the control of sterilization conditions by direct measuring the sterilant conditions, available as an option.

A high-quality AISI 316 L squared design chamber minimizes dead space for optimal loading and throughput. The best possible jacket covering ensures fast heating and reduces cycle times and areas of potential condensation. High-quality AISI 316 L steam process circuits guarantee long-term reliability and steam cleanliness. Advance Eco Options guarantees unrivaled levels of efficiency, energy, and water consumption reduction with the lowest operating costs per load, assisting our customers in their goals toward environmental sustainability.

Specifications Descriptions
Slim Configuration – 950 mm width. HMI positioned on top of the chamber. Vertical sliding doors. Chamber Volume From 322 to 966 lt / 11.37 to 34.11 cu ft. Load Capacity 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 – 12 STUs Models with vertically sliding doors, with five chamber sizes ranging from 322 to 966 liters / 11.37 to 34.11 cu ft. Five models with horizontal sliding doors, five-chamber sizes, and a book from 530 to 1538 liters / 18.72 to 54.31 cu ft. The two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump ensures faster processes and perfectly matches the chamber size. Vacuum pump options and Eco options also help to shorten process times.

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